Things I’m loving Thursday


Adele 21

I can’t stop listening to Adele’s 21.  I love the way she uses her big voice as skillfully as an instrument.


No popsicles for Vader.  Awww.


The huge box of  leftover Girl Scout cookies in my living room.  Being a troop leader has its perks (even if the other moms do look at me strangely because of my blue hair and piercings)!


Fyrinnae’s Winter, Again. What a perfect icy color, shifting from white to blue to silvery.


The Perfumed Court.  I’ve had an intense love for this site since it opened, and that love shows no sign of waning.  It’s good to feed the habit.


Loading and unloading and reloading my cart at Inglot.  I am determined to create the perfect 10 pan palette on the very first order.  Stop laughing.


The Taiwanese drama Mars (older but worth watching).  Usually I prefer Japanese dramas, but I recently pulled this one out for a re-watch and was again blown away by how great it is.  It also has one of the most memorable and accurate theme songs of any Asian drama I’ve watched.

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