My Top 10 Indie Companies

I’ve realized that, for a while now, I reference my “top ten list”, but no one had any idea of what would be on that list, because I’ve never sat down to write it out.  This is another post that’s been a long time coming.  I thought about many things when writing this, from customer service, to innovative products, to how well each product performs, to how often I reach for a company’s products.  I have tons of products from a large number of companies, and even with a collection as large as mine, sometimes I find myself reaching for a company’s offerings time and time again.  Likewise, I have plenty of beautiful pigments that I rarely pull out, even though they’re wonderful and well made.

I wouldn’t say this is a definitive list- far from it, but it’s a list of the companies I shop at most often and whose products get the most use.  It’s in alphabetical order for fairness, otherwise I’d be here all night shuffling the order.

1. Detrivore Cosmetics – Beautiful blushes, sultry eyeshadows, popular primer, and all at a more than reasonable price.  Keep an eye on Detrivore’s sales.  Occasionally Distorria runs 10 for $20 eyeshadow and 3 for $10 face product sales.  Pssst- the next one is coming up November 1st!  If you’ve never tried the products, this would be a great time to jump in.

2. Evil Shades – Andrea’s shadows, blushes, and lippies amaze me.  The color shifts are breathtaking, and the formula is perfect.  The Spectrum Pots are my holy grail indie eye primer.  I have two orders still waiting to swatch for you (I am SO behind!) but they’re so pretty they keep sneaking out of the swatch pile and on to my face.

3. Fyrinnae – The shadows are stunningly complex, and I love Pixie Epoxy so much.  It changed the way I wear my eyeshadow.

4. Geek Chic Cosmetics – GCC fulfils my need for sparkly makeup and geekery all in one fell swoop.  It made me love a matte brown eyeshadow.  Yes, it’s really that miraculous.

5. Haus of Gloi – Gloi’s sugar scrubs are a daily use item in my home, and trying to narrow down my shopping list is always a challenge.  I’ve never ordered a scent I dislike from Gloi, although the seasonal collections are always my favorite.

6. Linnaeus Cosmetics – I browsed, I sampled, I flipped.  I want every single shadow Marin makes, and not just because I fangirl her hard.  Each collection is very thoughtfully planned around wildlife and carefully named to represent a characteristic of the chosen animal.  How cool is that?

7. Morgana Cryptoria – Melissa gets lots of love for her lipsticks, and recently her balms and glosses, and they are worth every bit of praise they receive.  However, her shadows are just as awesome as her more well-known products.  Everyone needs to try a Morgana shadow.

8. One Hand Washes The Other – Black Magic is the holy grail soap for my face.  It cleared up my horrible skin.  Since then, I’ve tried to use other acne products, and the breakouts have always come back.  Black Magic is it for me.  Becca makes fantastic limited edition scents, and hello, loofah soap!  I’ve also recently (as in the last week) become addicted to Flower Balm.

9. Persephone Minerals – I shopped for the Sailor Moon shades and stayed for the incredible duochromes.  Victoria has a great eye for color, and I have to resist reaching for the Sailor Jupiter set almost every day.  It is perfection.  I’ve never been disappointed with a single color I’ve tried.

10.  Shiro Cosmetics – Caitlin makes one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas, and I get a geeky thrill out of knowing that my makeup is named after Pokemon or Zelda.  The meme-themed intertubes are both fun and pretty.

Honorable mention goes to Silk Naturals and Meow Cosmetics, as each of these companies have dedicated drawers in my stash, and I love their products very much and highly recommend them.  If I were doing a top ten makeup companies list, they would definitely make the cut.

What are your top ten companies?

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11 Responses to My Top 10 Indie Companies

  1. Manda says:

    I approve of your top 10 list. =D Many of these would be on mine as well!
    Manda recently posted..Team Pink Eye FOTD & Giveaway!

  2. Anastasia says:

    Ditto that!

    Anastasia recently posted..Don’t Feed The Trolls

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  4. lunableu says:

    My top 10 list would be very similar to yours! There’s only 2 companies on your list that I’ve not ordered from ;-) Yay for indie <3

  5. Miz says:

    I’m positively *dying* to try some of these brands! I love the amount of love and info for indies there is on the net, it’s changed my make up habits for the better :)

    (long time reader, resolved to comment more on the blogs on my blogroll, so hey!)

    • Amanda says:

      Indie has completely changed my makeup routines. I still occasionally buy conventional cosmetics, but I’m usually let down by how they perform when placed next to my favorite indies. And Hi! I’m glad you commented; I love hearing from people! :)

      • Miz says:

        Yeah, I’ve never looked back when it comes to buying indie cosmetics, although I still heart Illamasqua muchly :) I think they have the soul of an indie though, they’re clearly passionate about what they do.

        Thank you, I *do* love reading your blog :D

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